Instructions for ordering

escrow certs, disclosures, demands

and refinance questionnaires from






Our fee for transfer of title is $500 with $250 paid up front.  The Cert will include the Demand, Disclosures and a password to the web site containing Minutes, Insurance and Financial Documents.  There are no separate document fees since the documents are available for download from the Association’s website.  For a refinance without transfer of title we charge $250 all payable up front.  There is no need to pay a rush fee since our goal is to have all escrows processed within one business day.


We will complete your questionnaire and in addition send you our very detailed six or seven page Demand & Disclosure document that contains the answers to questions you may have forgotten to ask.


Please supply the following information at the same time as you submit your payment (since this information is NOT sent to us by PayLease):

  - address and unit number of the property;

  - name of current owner;

  - is this a sale with transfer of title or a refinance;

  - any questionnaire you need completed;

  - email address of escrow officer so we can email the package.

If you are paying online, you may send this information by email.  Email addresses for each association can be found by clicking here.


The $250 up-front fee is payable to "" and may be sent to our mailing address:

  PO Box 34398, San Diego, CA 92163-4398


or to our physical address:

  3737 5th Avenue, Suite 204, San Diego, CA 92103-4217 

         The cross street is Pennsylvania and we’re on the 2nd Floor of the

             California Bank & Trust Building.


or via PayLease by clicking on the button below (surcharge applies):




If you need a W-9 Form to issue the up-front fee to the management company, please click here.


Our standard is to have your package emailed to you within one business day of receiving payment.  We will also mail you a hard copy of the Demand and Disclosure letter and the owner’s Statement of Account (but not the Governing Documents nor other documents since these are available for download or viewing on the Association’s webpage).  If you need to speak with the manager, you can find the direct telephone number plus extension and email address for your Association by clicking here.


Thank you.


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